Your firm has a must-win presentation/interview coming up and you need objective, third party expertise in crafting your message, designing powerful slides, and coaching your team’s delivery. We can help.

Why hire a consultant for this? We provide constructive feedback in a way that you can’t. Sometimes you need an expert to deliver the hard truth to a Principal whose message or delivery is hurting your presentation. We’ve also found that paying for practice time encourages the team to place a higher value on presentation preparation.

Perhaps you, or one of your firm leaders, have the opportunity to deliver a keynote speech or breakout session at a conference full of potential clients. It’s essential that you “hit it out of the park” so attendees rush to the stage afterward asking for your business card. Again, we can help with content development, slide design, and delivery coaching.

Luck Favors The Prepared Poster

Presentation Services

Theme Development
Content Outline
Audience Research

PowerPoint and Keynote Slide Design
Custom Photography or Illustration
Charts and Diagrams

Delivery Coaching
Visual and Vocal Guidance
Practice Sessions
Video Feedback

Our services can be utilized for group training or executive coaching on a particular pursuit. Or, David Lecours is also available to provide a training seminar to your whole team on how to deliver presentations to win new business. For more info, click here.

Pricing & Timing
Planning needs to begin at least one month prior to your presentation.
We expect clients to invest at least $3k for presentation development, design, or delivery.

Presentation Training Video
Change The World Slide by Slide
How To Develop, Design and Deliver Slide Pre­sen­ta­tions Like a Pro Train­ing Video →