Clients often hire us and we don’t design anything. They simply want strategic advice on marketing, branding or social media. Usually this begins with an audit and recommendations. From there, we can help you develop a plan. You wouldn’t create a building without a plan. You shouldn’t run your business without plans either.

We believe that all AEC firms should have a 3–5 year Strategic Plan and a 1-year Marketing Plan. We strongly believe that firms need to write these plans themselves, with guidance from a consultant, or they won’t get implemented. For the same reason that doctors aren’t allowed to operate on themselves (too painful/too much bias), we believe you need objective guidance through the strategic and marketing planning process.

Strategic Plan
Purpose: why your firm exists
Vision: where your firm is headed
Values: how your firm will get there (core beliefs)
Target: who will join you (target market/s)
Positioning: why they will join you (unique value proposition)
SWOT Analysis

Marketing Plan
Marketing Mix of which vehicles you will use to help you reach your goals
Who in the firm will take responsibility for each marketing tactic

Our Building an AEC Brand Map below illustrates the relationship between Strategic Plans and Marketing Plans. Download the PDF

Our guidance with Strategic Planning, Marketing Planning, or Social Media Planning typically requires a $10k minimum investment.

Competitive Audit
All professional service firms face the risk of perceived commoditization. The remedy is clear differentiation with benefits offered to your target market.  To differentiate your firm, you need to have an informed understanding of your competition.

First, we identify 3–5 competitors in your key markets. Then we work with you to clarify 8–10 differentiators that we will use to audit your competition. We return analysis and recommendations for differentiating opportunities. Then we help you rank these opportunities to decide what to lead with.