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Change The World Slide By Slide

Change The World Slide by Slide:
How To Develop, Design and Deliver Slide Presentations Like a Pro

You want to create great Powerpoint-style presentations, but you are not a graphic designer. You want to persuade, inform and entertain your audience with a presentation that changes the world. Or, maybe just your world. Attend, and you will gain the knowledge to develop, design and deliver powerful slide presentations. Note that this is NOT a presentation about Powerpoint software. It is a presentation about timeless principles of effective visual storytelling to help you soar.

You Will Learn
+ Why Multimedia Creates a Deeper Connection With Your Audience
+ How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint
+ The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
+ Where to Find Great Photography and Illustration
+ Graphic Design 101: Color, Fonts, Backgrounds, Balance
+ How to Use a Confidence Monitor So You Don’t Have to Memorize Your Presentation
+ Motion: How and When To Use Builds, Transitions and Video
+ Delivery Tools, Techniques and Stagecraft
+ How To Write Memorable Content That People Will Share
+ How To Make Sure Your Presentation Is The Right Length of Time

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Instructor: David Lecours

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BRAND YOU: How To Become a Thought Leader

How do you consistently attract and retain great clients? How do you position yourself as a Thought Leader in your industry? By building Brand You. Most of us think of a brand as a product (Apple) or a service (Zappos), but savvy creative professionals think of themselves as a brand. An authentic personal brand is the epicenter from which all your marketing activity should reverberate. The benefit of establishing your personal brand is a steady flow of exciting and meaningful projects. If you want to attract great clients that value your brilliance, plan on attending. Business owners, employees and freelancers will all benefit from this seminar.

You Will Learn
1) How to Identify Your Core Genius (your unique contribution to the world)
2) Developing Your Personal Brand Positioning (why clients will be drawn to you)
3) How to Build Personal Brand Awareness and Promote Your Personal Brand

Introductions/Networking, Today’s Goals
Brands: What and Why
Personal Brands vs. Traditional Brands
Identify Your Core Genius, enlightening exercise 1
The Aliveness Meter
Break – 15 min.
Promoting Brand You, helpful exercises 4 & 5
Brand You Positioning, rewarding exercises 2 & 3
Marketing Mix
The New Tools for Thought Leadership
Review (w/ Prizes)

Instructor: David Lecours


How To Become a Creative Superhero seminar graphic by David Lecours

Creative Superhero: How To Generate and Gain Approval For Your Great Ideas

We are entering The Conceptual Age where creativity is the new currency. Creative ideas are essential. But creative ideas don’t just magically appear like superheroes. Even if you consider yourself creative, you can learn to boost your creative output. Drawing upon lessons learned from archetypal superheroes, you will refine your own creative process to generate breakthrough ideas and “leap tall buildings in a single bound.” You will put theory into action by designing a superhero supersuit (no drawing skills necessary).

You Will Learn
+ Why right brainers will rule the future
+ To improve your creative process
+ To increase your creative output
+ Importance of ritual
+ Creative catalysts and overcoming creative kryptonite (blocks)
+ Brainstorming techniques
+ Tips on persuasive presenting

Introduction, Today’s Goals
Why creativity matters now more than ever
Creativity is a learned habit, fun exercise 1
Why have a creative process
Investigate – The Creative Brief, rewarding exercise 2
Create – How to come up with ideas, dealing w/ creative blocks, creative exercise 3
Break – 15 min.
Incubate – Power of the subconscious, insightful exercise 4
Evaluate & Refine – How to narrow the choices, amazing exercises 5 & 6
Deliver – How to present your ideas persuasively, engaging exercise 7
Measure – How to continually improve your creative process, helpful exercise 8
Review (w/ Prizes)

Instructor: David Lecours


Seminar Testimonials

“I am a Professor of Biology at a top university, UCSD. I have been teaching undergraduate classes for 14 years and giving powerpoint seminars the world over for 12 years. I have been praised for the dynamic talks I give. One class with David Lecours totally changed my slide presentation. Not one slide stayed the same. And it has worked out for the best! David’s seminar is fantastic and will improve your ability to connect and communicate with your audience. Whether you are a newcomer or a PowerPoint veteran like myself, David’s class is great! – Raffi Aroian, Professor of Biology, UCSD and Founder, Wormfree World

“Not more than two days after your awesome training to my staff, I had to sit through three awful slide presentations (and with very reputable organizations). Thank you for not only elevating the way that I present, but also, the way that I perceive critical information. –Rebecca Smith, San Diego Workforce Partnership

“To say that I found your “Changing the World Slide by Slide” training seminar enlightening would be putting it mildly. Most of our professional lives are peppered with PowerPoint presentations. As a curator of PechaKucha Night San Diego presentation series, I have witnessed more than my fair share. I know which ones have resonated, but this concise and informative seminar helped me understand WHY some do, and some don’t. Down to the detail, it all made so much sense, and as a result not only do I view presentations differently, but I immediately changed some of my own questionable presentation practices. Can’t thank you enough!”  –Leslee Schaffer, Executive Director, San Diego Architectural Foundation

“You did such an amazing job last Friday with your seminar. I left feeling so inspired and excited to use my new creative knowledge. There was great information packed into every minute of your presentation and my attention never waivered–I couldn’t believe how fast the two hours flew by. Thank you for sharing your expertise!!” –Lisa Jarret, Ferguson Pape Baldwin Architects

“David knows his stuff. I got much useful information from his “Brand You” seminar and he is a really good marketing contact to make. He will help you think of yourself as a unique brand and that may help you develop some more successful marketing strategies to get more clients. You are uniquely gifted to deliver your services in a way that you do and that’s what the seminar will address, how to internalize that message and then get it out to prospects.” –Doug Kinnear, Professional Speaker

“I attended one of David’s branding workshops, and it was outstanding! The coaching materials helped me gain much needed clarity for my new business. David is a phenomenal person to work with…kind, calm, organized, a great communicator, and more! Thanks for helping me soar!!!” –Hayley Isaacs, Zenthuze

“Your seminar was compelling and inspiring–exactly what we needed in these tough economic times. Thank you for your careful preparation. I came away from your presentation with a renewed excitement for branding.” –Kamala Kuresman, U.S. Green Building Council

“The Creative Superhero seminar was very good. You have a great way of looking at the topic and you express thoughts very well. Overall, it was inspiring. When I arrived back at the office, I was ready to tackle the sample project I started on during the session. Last night I had an idea come to me as I was making my way into bed. Thanks to your advise, a note pad was on the night stand and I made a note of the idea right away. Thanks for speaking to our SMPS chapter!”  –Kelly Michajlenko, Harley Ellis Devereaux Architects

“I wanted to thank you because your presentation was so relevant to what I have been going through at work. I am managing our firm’s website redesign process.  I had been struggling with all the decision making that’s involved, and I just couldn’t seem to get anything done. After attending your presentation I realized that the only way I could make any progress is if I was able to stop multitasking and really dedicate a full day to the creative process. I even put a bunch of print screens with ideas and task break downs up on one of our walls at the office! I wanted to let you know that you really made an impression.” –Rachel Emme, Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects

About The Trainer
David Lecours has nearly 20 years of marketing expertise. From his marketing role at Reebok, to his current job as Creative Director at LecoursDesign, he has worked on hundreds of great brands. Leading seminars allows David to share his expertise. David learned from his Mom (an award-winning public school teacher for 25 years) that if learning is fun, retention increases dramatically. David taught graphic design for two years at UCLA Extension. As a catalyst for positive change, David is also a professionalspeakercoach and designer. He is married and also loves yoga and surfing in his hometown of Encinitas, CA.

Photos from recent How To Become a Creative Superhero Seminar. Click here for more.
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